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Industry@Grid is a scheduling application that uses LiSA algorithms to solve job shop,flow shop and open shop problems. It combines dispatching and neighborhood search heuristics to look for good solutions for the provided scheduling problem, as the optimal solution for most real life problems is impossible to find on a feasible time.

The application takes as parameters:
  • Input file describing the problem;
  • Input file with desired neighborhood control parameters;
  • The size of the experiment: number of different initial solutions to create;
  • Number of jobs: to split the experiment over the infrastructure;
  • Seed: for the Linear Congruential Generator (using the same seed, a user can replicate the experiment);
  • TAG: a name for the experiment to track the results.
The available heuristics up to now are:
  • Iterative Improvement;
  • Simulated Annealing;
  • Threshold Accepting;
  • Tabu Search.
All information regarding to input files and control parameters can be found in the LiSA manual, available at (also available in german).
Which is the best schedule, subject to business restrictions?